In June 2012 Training Base Weeze GmbH was launched as a centre for advanced training and practice of protection and rescue services, national a well as international; it is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe.

Our wide-ranging and area, concealed from view, offers realistic training facilities for police, fire fighters, ambulance services, SAR and military.

As a former property of the Royal Air Force our Training Base has an extraordinary infrastructure, including amongst others a school, an open air pool, a replica of a freeway, a gas station with road tanker, railways with passenger train and hazard material wagon, as well as a complete residential subdivision with an original residential area consisting of over 100 houses.

We offer both allocation of facilities as well as tailor-made trainings to fit as close as possible to reality to our clients operations.

A broad network of specialists from all protection and rescue services guarantee first class advice in addition.

Training Base Weeze implies an own hotel with single rooms for up to 140 guests. In conjunction with large scaled missions or disaster control training we can host 600 people, using tent camps. Our delightful catering takes care of our clients’ physical well-being.

Traffic accidents, fire alarms or natural disasters are in the daily news. Sometimes we even become part of them. Isn't it good to know that the action force is trained to its best?